Gynaecological Surgical Gloves

Our sterile gynaecological surgical gloves meet AQL 1.5 standard in the test item of “freedom from holes”.
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Before or during surgery, if necessary, doctors shall replace gloves.

Under what circumstances the gloves shall be replaced?

1. Replacement gloves should be done before touching the mucosa after touching suspicious contaminated areas or objects of the same patient. Before contacting non-contaminants or other patients, remove gloves, wash hands or use disinfectant immediately to avoid the spread of microorganisms to other patients or objects.

 2. The longer gloves are worn, the easier the protective barrier will be. The use of gloves in harsh conditions, or exposure to a variety of chemicals can lead to fatigue gloves, therefore, should be properly replaced during the operation. During operation, gloves should be replaced immediately if they are damaged or suspected to be contaminated.



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