Gynaecological Elbow Length Gloves

Obstetrics and gynecology, veterinarians, and some special industries require gloves that are as long as the elbow, so we have gloves for the elbow to meet these needs.
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The purpose of increasing length of glove is to give more protection. However, if the gloves are damaged due to wearer’s reasons, the gloves will be useless.


Two points in wearing Gynaecological elbow length gloves or other kinds of latex gloves:

 1) When adhesive tape, trademark, electrocardiogram or other viscous substances stick to gloves, it will be not easy to remove and will also damage the protective barrier gloves. If you remove the tape etc, the removal will tear the gloves.

Under this case, it is suggested to change another pair of gloves.

2) Fingernails and jewellery are not only safe havens for infections, but also puncture gloves. When wearing gloves should be routine manicures, jewelry removal, artificial nails will cause a lot of trouble, even after effective scrubbing, it is not easy to wash away the nails retained germs and bacteria, artificial nails may hook gloves, making wearing gloves more difficult.

So, take off your jewellery and trim your nails well before wearing gloves.


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