Gynae Gloves

Gynaeclogical gloves are sometimes simply called gynae gloves.
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Wearing gynae gloves can reduce the risk of cross infection between patients and medical staff, and how to use gloves correctly is the premise of reducing contact with harmful factors and ensuring the integrity of gloves.


Proper method of wearing medical latex gloves:

Hold the inside of the glove reflex part in your right hand and take out a pair of dry gloves. Put your left hand into the left glove first. After wearing the glove, put your left hand into the outer ring of the right hand reflex part, and then put your right hand into the glove (either wearing the right glove first); fold the glove back and pull it over the sleeve to expose your wrist; before wearing the glove, do not expose your hand. After touching gloves, wear gloves, do not touch the skin.


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