Infrared Digital Ear And Forehead Thermometer For Home Use And Clinical Use

Infrared thermometer is a kind of digital body thermometer which tests temperature from the thermal radiation, which is called blackbody radiation emitted by the object being measured.
Product description

How to use the head-mode of infrared dual thermometer

To measure the body temperature from the forehead, follow these instructions:

1.Cover the infrared thermometer with the sensor cap.

2.Lightly touch the skin next to the eye and start holding the head button.

3.The measurement is now completed and you can release the head button.

4.You can read the temperature from the display.

How to use the ear-mode of infrared dual thermometer

To measure the body temperature from the ear canal, follow these instructions:

1. Take off the sensor cover to expose the sensor probe.

2. Pull the ear backward and upward.

3.Gently insert the sensor into the ear canal.

4.Press the ear button.

5.A beep indicates the measurement is successful.

6.Read the temperature from the display.


Ear of kid aged between 6 and 12 months should be pulled backward.

Ear of Kid aged 1 year and older should pulled upward and backward.

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