Dual Mode LCD Protective Cover CE FDA Approved Infrared Digital Thermometer

Product Description Forehead type infrared themometer is a termometro diagnostic-tool that measure the temperature of human body according to the principle of receiving infrared. When using,it is only required to align the detection window to measure the body temperature quickly and accurately....
Product description

image001.pngimage003.pngimage005.pngProduct Description 

 Forehead type infrared themometer is a termometro diagnostic-tool
 that measure the temperature of human body according to the principle
 of receiving infrared. When using,it is only required to align the detection window
 to measure the body temperature quickly and accurately.

Model: FT-100A Non-contact infrared forehead thermometer
 non-contact measurement that does not require probe cover, thereby saving cost of replacement.
 automatically power off if left idle for 1 minute.
 memory function allows you to recall previous results up to 20 previous results.
 easy to read LCD with blue backlight in a dark environment.
 color visible indication of alarm (red) and measurement in progress(blue).
 button-free power on and auto-sense measurement within 2cm

 Dimension and weight:162X50X35mm, 98g(include batteries)
 power source:2X1.5V AAA alkaline batteries
 displayed temperature range:
 body forehead:32℃ to 43℃(89.6℉ to 109.4℉)
 object:0℃ to 100℃(32℉ to 199.9℉)
 display resolution:0.1℉/0.1℃
 temperature unit:℃ or ℉
 operating temperature range:16℃to 40℃(60.8℉ to 104℉)
 operating humidity: 85% RH or less
 storage temperature range:-25℃ to 55℃(-13℉ to 131℉)
 storage humidity:95% RH or less
 memory capacity: 20 measurements

Using Method:
 The correct method of use is the key to test the accuracy, otherwise it may cause measurement errors. Because the infrared measurement on the surrounding environment of the demand is higher, therefore, please follow these instructions.
 1. The temperature, the instrument should be pointing to his forehead before - above the eyebrows and remain vertical, monitoring site cannot be hair shade, instrument and the distance from the forehead suggested in 5 ~ 8 cm.
 2. When the person being measured from measuring temperature differences, at least in the test environment for 5 minutes, after being consistent with the environmental temperature measurement again, otherwise will affect the measurement result.
 3. Cold fever patient forehead, sweating, and other cooling measures can make the measurement result is low, after should be avoided in this case.
 4. Products from the place where and environmental temperature differences under test out, when using instruments should be placed on the use environment of the reoccupy after 20 minutes.
 5. Measured the surrounding environment should be stable, not in the outlet of the fan, air conditioner and so on air flow test larger place.
 6. Cannot be used outside or in strong sunshine place to the instrument.



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