Pediatric Pulse Oximeter

A310C pediatric pulse oximeter is specially designed for measurement of pediatric SpO2. Advanced DSP algorithm can minimize the influence of motion artifact and improve measurement accuracy of low perfusion.
Product description


Differences between pediatric pulse oximeter and adult pulse oximeter:

Except for the lovely cartoon design, pediatric pulse oximeter is different from adult pulse oximeter in size, technical data and sensor.


Main functions of finger pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeter is a non-invasive, continuous measurement of human arterial oxygen saturation and pulse rate of a new medical instrument. It carries, and can quickly and accurately measure blood oxygen, so that you know whether they are currently anoxia. The main functions of finger oximeter are: monitoring pulse rate, oxygen saturation, synchronous display of pulse densitometry and histogram, heartbeat sounding and alarm function.

Product Features:

Support 6 display modes.
Dual color OLED display
Lightweight Easy-To-Use
Visual & Sound alarm
Algorith inside
Low perfusion:0.2%
Adjust the parameters in friendly menu
Low Battery voltage indicator
Automatically switch off while no signal
Standard two AAA 1.5V Alkaline bаttеrу support more than 20 hours continuous work
Optional silicon cover
With perfusion index display

Measurement Range: 35-100%
Resolution: 1%
Measurement Accuracy: 2%(70%-100%)
                      Unspecified(<= 70%)
Alarm Range:  50-100%

Pulse rate Display:
Measurement Range:30-250 BPM

Hemoglobin Saturation:1%
Pulse rate: 1BPM
Alarm Range: 30-250BPM


Product packing:

Dimensions:52.5 mm (L) x 31mm (W) x 30mm (D)
Weight -approx: 50 g
including 2 x AAA battery
Outer box:
Gross Weight: 70g
Outer carton:
Dimensions:440mm (L) X340mm (W) X290mm (H)
Gross Weight: 8.7 kg


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