Finger Spo2 Monitor

In our daily life, finger spo2 monitor plays an important role, and some patients with respiratory diseases often need to use finger spo2 monitor in daily life to monitor the effect of treatment. So, what are the advantages of finger spo2 monitor?
Product description


Finger spo2 monitor is used to measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate of human body through finger. It is suitable for family, hospital (including surgery, anesthesia, pediatrics, intensive care, etc.), oxygen bar, community medical treatment, sports health care and so on.


Oxygen saturation is an important physiological parameter which reflects whether the respiratory function and oxygen content of human body are normal or not. It is an important physiological parameter that shows whether the tissues of human body are healthy or not.


The advantages of finger spo2 monitor are mainly small volume, low power consumption, easy to use and easy to carry. The device collects data through a photosensitive detector, and then displays the measurement results on the indicator. The clinical experiments show that it has high accuracy and repeatability, and the effect is very good.



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