Sphygmomanometer And Stethoscope Kit

Put stethoscope into the same bag of sphygmomanometer, make it a sphygmomanometer and stethoscope kit and save the extra cost of stethoscope paper box .
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How shall we measure blood pressure with only sphygmomanometer but without stethoscope?

Press the bulb to inflate the bladder and cuff. Release the cuff slowly and observe the pointer of the gauge. When the pointer begins bouncing , the scale the pointer pointing at is systolic pressure. When the pointer stops bouncing, the scale is diastolic pressure.

But many users , especially doctors, wish to listen to the heartbeat at the same time.

This sphygmomanometer and stethoscope kit serves your need. It saves your time of searching for two instruments from different places in the morning of your every working day.

JD-3001? JD-3002? JD-3004? Tell us what stethoscope you need us to put inside the kit.


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