Doctor Sphygmomanometer

Doctors measure blood pressure of patients with doctor sphygmomanometer, that is, a piece of sphygmomanometer with stethoscope. Stethoscope helps doctors to confirm systolic pressure and diastolic pressure.
Product description

810a19d8bc3eb13534c01fb2ac1ea8d3fd1f44b7[1].jpgAlthough in this photo the stethoscope is a piece of JD-3001 single head stethoscope, as a buyer, you have the freedom to substitute it with other kinds of stethoscopes, such as JD-3002 dual head stethoscope, JD-3004 sprague rappaport stethoscope or even JD-3006 stainless steel stethoscope.

If it is JD-3001 single head stethoscope, the chest piece of stethoscope can be fixed at the artery position on the cuff . That will save the procedure to insert the chest piece under the cuff after the cuff is bound around the arm of patient.



The structures of other types of stethoscopes such as dual head ,rappaport type , do not allow them to be fixed on cuffs.

Each piece of gauge has undergone fatigue tests in factory to assure reliable quality and exactness.

Every user is suggested to calibrate the gauge every 18 months.



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