Doctor Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

The gauge cover of JD-1014 doctor aneroid sphygmomanometer has two parts. ABS in the front and zinc alloy at the back. ABS material can reduce the shocking to the mechanism of gauge.
Product description

What is normal blood pressure range? What are the factors that affect normal blood pressure? Blood flow in the body depends on the heart and blood pressure, blood pressure will fluctuate with emotions, environment and diet, regulation is necessary. When you are nervous or exercise, your blood pressure should be adjusted to help fight or escape. The normal blood pressure ranges from 140--90mmHg to 90--60mmHg.

Cardiac output is simply the amount of blood pumped by the heart. It is related to heart rate and stroke volume, which refers to the amount of blood that is delivered each time the atrium contracts. The more blood is delivered, the higher the cardiac output. When the heart rate increases, the blood output increases accordingly, whereas when the heart rate decreases, the blood output decreases accordingly.


(PVC bladder)


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