Child Sphygmomanometer

Child sphygmomanometer is a piece of sphygmomanometer with 0 - 200 mmHg gauge.
Product description

Children's blood pressure does not have a fixed reference value as adults do. Children's blood pressure needs to be calculated.



Normal blood pressure of children is calculated in this way: systolic blood pressure = age x2 + 80 mm Hg ;

Diastolic blood pressure is 2/3 of systolic pressure.

A 6-year-old children: 6x2 = 80 = 92 mm Hg ;

92x2/3 = 60 .

That is, blood pressure normal range of a six year old kid is 92/60 mm Hg .

Heart rates of kids with diffrent ages:

120-140 of the newborn. 

<1 years old 110-130 

2-3 years old 100-120 

4-7 years old 80-100 

8-14 year old 70-90.

Take the 6 year old kid blood pressure as an example. Systolic pressure is 92mmHg. If you pump the bulb and let the pressure reaches 200mmHg, it will too hard for the kid.

So, a gauge of 0-300 mm HG is not necessary for children.

0 - 200 mm Hg is enough.






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