Shockproof Sphygmomanometers

The delicate inner structure of palm sphygmomanometers is exquisite and needs a shockproof gauge cover. JD-1017 has good protective ABS material gauge cover.
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How much is cuff size and tightness in measuring blood pressure?

With suitable cuff size, the upper arm should be wrapped at least 80% of the air bag in the cuff. Most people's arms are 25-35 cm in circumference. The air bag cuff with 13-15 cm in width and 30-35 cm in length should be used. Obese or large arms should be used with large cuff, and children with small cuff.


The middle of the cuff balloon is placed above the brachial artery of the upper arm. Do not roll the edge of the cuff so that the cuff will not act as a tourniquet. The lower edge of the cuff is 2-3cm above the elbow fossa. The cuff is tied too tightly, and the systolic and diastolic pressure measured are low. Too loose tied can make the measured blood pressure higher. It is generally believed that the 2 fingers can be tighten up moderately.

Parameters of JD-1017 shockproof sphygmomanometers



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