Palm Type Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

ABS gauge cover material of JD-1015 palm type aneroid sphygmomanometer gives a good protection of the mechanism. Besides, the large scale of it donates a sense of luxury.
Product description


Increasing cardiac output increases blood pressure if vascular resistance remains unchanged, just as it increases if the diameter of the glue throat is not changed, but if vascular resistance changes or decreases, cardiac output does not necessarily change blood pressure.

The length of the blood vessel is directly proportional to the resistance of the blood vessel. When the total length of the blood vessel doubles, the resistance of the blood vessel doubles. This shows why obese people are more likely to have hypertension, and fat has a supply of blood vessels. When fat accumulates, the length of the blood vessel increases, which increases the resistance of the blood vessel, thereby increasing blood pressure.



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