Palm Style Sphygmomanometer

In order to give more protection to the gauge, we add one ABS protive ring on the basis of ABS material gauge of JD-1007 palm style sphygmomanometer.
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Should I take a seat or a decubitus when I measure my blood pressure?

The most commonly used position for blood pressure measurements is sitting or supine position. Sitting position measurements require a table suitable for the height of the subject's arm and a chair with a back. The position of the air sac should be as high as the level of the right atrium when measuring blood pressure from the position of the arm. For the decubitus measurement, the bed of the elbow can be abduced 45 degrees. But there are differences in blood pressure between these two positions. The diastolic pressure measured by sitting position was 5mmHg compared with supine position, and there was no significant difference in systolic blood pressure.


But,If the back is not dependent or the foot is not landing, the systolic pressure will be 5-15mmHg higher than the actual value.

The cross between feet will be higher than 5-8mmHg.

Without resting for 3-5 minutes, the blood pressure will be higher than 10-20mmHg.

If the blood pressure is measured, the patient will speak 10-15mmHg higher.

If breathing is difficult, the blood pressure will be higher than 5-8mmHg.

If the bladder is filled, the blood pressure will be higher than 10-15 mm Hg.

If there is pain, the blood pressure will be higher than 10-30 mm Hg.




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