Palm Sphygmomanometer

A type of palm aneroid sphygmomanometer combing the advantages of favorable price and superior characteristics.
Product description




You might wish to recommend to doctors and family users a type of palm sphygmomanometer as it is more convenient to use ,especially for the people who wish to spare one hand when he or she is pumping the bulb with another hand. However, normally palm sphygmomanometer price is much higher than that of standard aneroid sphygmomanometer.

JD-1005 price is the lowest among all types of Jianda’s palm sphygmomanometer.

If you want to select the cheapest palm sphygmomanometer, JD-1005S or JD-1005D will be your good choice.

The quality of JD-1005 is the same as other palm sphygmomanomters. It is cheaper only because the gauge is smaller in diameter (52mm) and so the cost is a bit lower. In Jianda, the quality is never sacrificed for price.

The following are Jianda’s current types of palm sphygmomanometers:

JD-1005, JD-1006, JD-1007

JD-1015, JD-1016, JD-1017





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