Standing Sphygmomanometer

Standing sphygmomanometer is with large gauge ,standing rod and base with castors.
Product description


Importance of accurate measurement of blood pressure.

Blood pressure measurement is our daily work, but the American Heart Association has clearly pointed out that blood pressure measurement is one of the "most inaccurate" measurements, because it is affected by many factors such as patients, the environment, the surveyor and so on. Standardized and accurate measurement of blood pressure is the key to diagnosis, classification and efficacy evaluation of hypertension.


How many times should the blood pressure be measured?

 When patients were measured several times, the first time was often higher. So take at least two blood pressure measurements each time, one minute apart, and then take the average as the subject's blood pressure. If the difference between the two measurements is > 5mmHg, we should measure again and calculate the average blood pressure of 3 times.



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