Mobile Sphygmomanometer

Tired of the small dials of sphygmomanometer gauges? Then try our JD-1019 mobile sphygmomanometer.
Product description



With JD-1019, you will not need to have one piece of sphygmomanometer in each ward of hospital.

Push this mobile sphygmomanometer from one inpatient room to another for necessary measurement.

When it is time to check blood pressure, fix it on the floor by stepping down the locks on omnidirectional wheels.

The height of gauge can be adjusted from 97 cm to 126 cm.

Like other sphygmomanometers, JD-1019 mobile sphygmomanometer is large in size and big in wegith but low in price. These make it not economic to buy only several pcs with courier.

Some times we receive inquiries from some friends from the internet for very small orders, for example, one case of sphygmomanometers.

We assure you this cannot be done.

The courier fee is much higher than the goods value.

So, for endusers, we suggest you buy from local sellers instead of from us. 





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