Ambulance Blood Pressure Monitor

In the dim light of left and right shaking ambulance, a piece of large scale ambulance blood pressure monitor fixed on the inner wall of ambulance is a great help to the doctors.
Product description


The color of JD-1013 ambulance blood pressure monitor is blue color. Many customers comment that they like this elegant color. It makes them feel relaxed.

If you make your patients feel nervous, their disease might worsen.

Our products of JD-1009,JD-1010, JD-1018 also serve the needs of ambulances.

Some customers ask us if we can produce desk or floor type sphygmomanometers with gauge of JD-1013. Our reply is yes.

Tell us what you want, describe your demand to us. Then it is our task to satisfy your needs.

Just like the photo “coated metal wire for cuffs”. This was suggested by one of our customers. He wishes to have pediatric, adult and big adult cuffs in one piece of JD-1013 sphygmo. That is ,3 pieces of cuffs. He wants us to add one piece of basket. So we made this type of cuff for him.




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